Gatekeeping psychologists

At the moment transgender people often still are forced to see a psychologist. We don’t see the logic in that. An example: someone’s mother lives in a little village in the north of the Netherlands. Let’s assume she has serious concerns about her son. She becomes so worried that one day she decides to go see a psychologist: she wants this psychologist to interfere and keep an eye on her son, because he has moved to a place near Amsterdam and his mother reads the newspaper: it is full of stories about robberies, street fights, drugs and prostitution - she is sure he will get into trouble. The mother asks the psychologist to see her son every 3 months and report to her on how he is doing...

What will this counseling psychologist do? Help the mother, or force her son to make use of the psychologist’s services to protect him against himself?

I think every counseling psychologist knows the answer: the son will not be forced to accept help, but the psychologist will investigate the mother’s concerns. The psy