Gatekeeping (still) exists, but we think it should be abolished as soon as possible. That is why we requested for permission to do a workshop at EPATH; unfortunately our request was rejected. You can read the request we submitted and the reaction from EPATH.

You can do something yourself too: You can add your experience to the Zorgkaart Nederland, or file a complaint about your treatment if you think your treatment could have been better. You can also participate in the action "Niet goed! Geld terug?" ("Money back guarantee"): there you can find two example letters you can send to your psychologist, in which you ask him/her to transfer the money the psychologist has earned for consultations that were useless for you to the bank account of a charity organization.

Later in 2017 we will do a Tour of the Netherlands to ask general practitioners to start prescribing hormones according to the Informed Consent model.