We sometimes read that transgender people sell, or pass on, hormones they have acquired themselves from an official pharmacy to others. Especially medication that is needed before the operation and not afterwards can easily be passed on to other transgender people who would like to make a start with their transition, even if it can just be a limited one. No matter how understandable this is for both people involved, we have a simple advice about this: don’t do it.



It is prohibited by law. For instance read article 61 section 1, article 67 and article 67a of the law on medication:

Article 61:

  1. Notwithstanding what is laid down elsewhere in this law, it is prohibited for everybody to offer for sale medicine for which a prescription is required or medicine that can only be sold in pharmacies, with the following exceptions:

     a. pharmacists exerting their profession in a pharmacy;

     b. general practitioners who are in possession of a license as mentioned in the tenth or eleventh section;

     c. persons and institutions who have been designated by a ministerial act under the circumstances indicated.

Article 67:

It is prohibited for everybody to prescribe medication via internet to persons the prescriber has never met in person, or whom the prescriber doesn’t know, or whose medication history is not available to the prescriber.

Article 67a:

1. Notwithstanding what is laid down in articles 61, 62, and 67, it is prohibited to offer medication for telesales or to hand over medication in any other way than according to the rules to be set by ministerial acts for implementation of directive 2001/83.

2. Regarding offering medication for telesales or handing medication, further rules can be instated as general administrative acts of for the protection of public health.


If you still intend to do this, at least read the complete text of the medicine law and know what you are getting yourself into. We used this information.