Route via hormone therapists outside of gender teams

If you follow this route, it is important to know that most psychologists, endocrinologists, and surgeons follow the Standards or Care (*). As far as we know there are no hormone therapists outside the gender teams who work based on Informed Consent. This means you will first have to get a referral from an independent psychologist.

In principle you will have to find endocrinologists or surgeons who can give you the desired treatment yourself. Your independent psychologist can help you with names and addresses of endocrinologists and surgeons.

(*) You can find the English language source text of the international Standards of Care and the Dutch translation of the international Standards of Care on the Internet.

(**) In theory you can get this from a psychologist in a gender team as well, but in general the waiting lists for psychologists in a gender team are longer than the waiting time for an independent psychologist.


Names and addresses of hormone therapists outside of gender teams

We do not give out names and addresses of co-operating hormone therapists on this site. Post a request in one of the Facebook-groups (see suggestions and contact) and we will make sure you get an answer.



We know several endocrinologists in the Netherlands who provide hormone therapy outside of gender teams based on gatekeeping by an independent psychologist. They work in the following provinces:


Province Number
Noord-Holland 1 hormone therapist
Zuid-Holland 2 hormone therapists (at the same hospital)
Overijssel 2 hormone therapists (at the same hospital)
Gelderland 1 hormone therapist
Noord-Brabant 1 hormone therapist
Limburg 1 hormone therapist


Call to action

If you are an endocrinologist yourself and you are willing and able to supply hormones under the rules of Informed Consent, please contact us (see suggestions and contact); we will make sure this information will be shared with people who are looking for an endocrinologist in their area. The list of participating endocrinologists is only known to a few people to prevent problems between existing gender teams and these endocrinologists.

Are you undergoing a treatment from a hormone expert outside the gender teams yourself? Is the province where this hormone expert works not in the above list? Are you in doubt whether we already know this hormone expert? If so, please give us the name of this hormone expert (see suggestions and contact)!