Route via surgeons outside the gender teams

If you follow this route, it is important to know that most psychologists, endocrinologists, and surgeons follow the Standards or Care (*). As far as we know there are no surgeons outside the gender teams who work based on Informed Consent. This means you will first have to get a referral from an independent psychologist (**).

In principle you will have to find endocrinologists or surgeons who can give you the desired treatment yourself. Your independent psychologist can help you with names and addresses of endocrinologists and surgeons.

(*) You can find the English language source text of the international Standards of Care and the Dutch translation of the international Standards of Care on the Internet.

(**) In theory you can get this from a psychologist in a gender team as well, but in general the waiting lists for psychologists in a gender team are longer than the waiting time for an independent psychologist.


Things to keep in mind concerning surgery

Every surgeon is convinced his method is the best there is. This means that each doctor has a different way of working than his colleagues. Make sure you get all information about the different possibilities; also ask the doctors about the risks involved: they are required to keep records about complications (and to share those with you).


Surgeons in the Netherlands

Slotervaartziekenhuis can provide mastectomies (trans men). There are also contacts between Slotervaart and a gynecologist who can do gender surgery for trans men.

Website Slotervaart:

Experiences from others:

Address: Louwesweg 6, 1006 BK Amsterdam


Kliniek Amstelveen does gender reassignment surgery.

Website Kliniek Amstelveen:

Experiences from others:

Address: Groenhof 111-112, 1186 EW Amstelveen


Unfortunately, MCA in Alkmaar (Dr. Kanhai) has stopped performing operations for transgender people. See this letter from the MCA management board.


Surgeons abroad

Operations in Thailand are popular amongst transgender people. One of the reasons for this is that different techniques are used in the operations. Please note that you cannot fly home immediately after the operation, it can take 4-5 weeks before you can go back to the Netherlands. Also, surgeons sometimes have extra requirements; they may for instance demand you to bring somebody along as your buddy.


If you live in the south of the Netherlands, you may consider contacting  the UZ Gent gender team (Belgium).

If you don’t have a problem speaking German, Dr. Krege in Krefeld/Essen (Germany) may be an option, see this interview (in German).

If you don’t have a problem speaking French, Dr. De Cat in Brussels (Belgium) may be an option, see this report