Hormones via GPs

As we wrote here we would like general practitioners to start supplying hormones. At the moment this happens very sparingly, usually after the gender teams have taken care of the diagnosis and the first few years of supplying hormones. We would like to see more general practitioners who, without need for a psychologist as a gatekeeper, can immediately start supplying hormones.

We will do a "tour of the Netherlands" in 2017 to inform general practitioners; keep an eye on our website.


Which GPs are already taking part?

We do not give out names and addresses of co-operating general practitioners on this site. Post a request in one of the Facebook-groups (see suggestions and contact) and we will make sure you get an answer.


Number of general practitioners who already take part

We do give out statistical information about the number of general practitioners who co-operate based on Informed Consent: right now the number is 0.


Call to action

Are you a general practitioner yourself and are you willing and able to supply hormones under the rules of Informed Consent, please contact us (see suggestions and contact); we will make sure this information will be shared with people who are looking for a general practitioner in their area. The list of general practitioners who participate is only known to a few people to prevent problems between existing gender teams and these general practitioners.